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April 24, 7pm: Learn to Unleash Your Child’s Full Potential

On Tuesday, April 24, 7pm, come hear William Stixrud, PhD and Ned Johnson discuss their book, The Self Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives. These experts will explain the crucial link between the twin scourges of high stress and low motivation, namely a low sense of control or autonomy. They will present practical, eye-opening approaches for supporting the development of autonomy and raising healthy, successful children.

Johnson runs PrepMatters, an elite tutoring service that teaches teens how to perform better on standardized tests. Stixrud is a clinical neuropsychologist who helps patients suffering from ADHD, anxiety and depression.

The Self-Driven Child – #1 on Amazon

A clinical neuropsychologist and test-prep guru combine cutting-edge brain science with insights from their work with families to make a radical case for giving kids more agency to unleash their full potential.

The author event is open to the public.
Forward this email and invite your friends, family and colleagues.
Date:April 24, 7pm
Location: 4880 MacArthur Blvd., NW, Washington, DC
Proceeds benefit Chattering Children, which is a non-profit co-located with The River School that provides services to children with hearing loss and their families throughout the Washington, DC region.