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First Grade

First Grade at The River School is an exciting time. Children learn how to read and write fluently and develop their sense of voice, both academically and socially. They are introduced to different people and places, with special attention on their developing sense of social awareness. Since The River School is such a nurturing environment the children feel safe to explore new materials, new environments and new friendships.

The River School believes that children feel valued when others listen to them and learn that what they say and do has an impact on the world around them. This concept is emphasized in the First Grade year. Teachers lead students through interactive, involved classroom projects, as well as individualized learning experiences. Thematic curriculum is highlighted and students help guide their learning process. Classrooms are full of living creatures, which instill a sense of responsibility, as well as special reading nooks and interactive science and math tools. Children in First Grade develop their sense of purpose and belonging in our school community as they take on new leadership roles and begin to practice their new-found skills.

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