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Starting at 18 months, we help children take the first steps from learning at home to learning at school. We do this through play, which is the natural enterprise of young children. Our play-based curriculum provides opportunities to build a foundation of skills in a variety of areas including language, social-emotional awareness, self-regulation, and problem solving.

Preschool faculty all hold masters degrees; each classroom is co-taught by an educator and a speech language pathologist. Teaching teams nurture and guide students as they explore through play in our dynamic, theme-based classrooms. Teachers and children work together during each theme to transform the classroom into a new realm, such as a fire station, bakery, or doctor’s office.  They dress up, explore new roles, and acquire new skills and vocabulary as they construct knowledge about their expanding worlds.

As they move through the Preschool years and up to PreKindergarten classrooms, children begin to find their own voices and curiosity and creativity flourish. Teachers facilitate children’s development and learning through a thematic, play-based curriculum. They explore the learning opportunities embedded in our curriculum while they learn to play cooperatively, work collaboratively, and solve problems creatively.

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