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Second Grade

Second Grade at The River School is full of experiential learning and student-directed activities. The children have a developed understanding of reading, writing, and mathematical reasoning and use these skills to delve deeper into their student-chosen themes. Teachers focus on developing the student’s sense of independence and confidence. What once seemed like a major feat or meant for the older students becomes a doable experience for the child. The program highlights these moments as the children are nurtured and encouraged to extend themselves and their thinking. During social interactions and through modeling, the children develop a clear understanding of the value of friendship and the roles they play in social situations.

Academically, they are fluent readers, writers, and mathematicians, and begin to explore higher-level concepts in these areas. Science and history are emphasized, and themes revolve around more sophisticated concepts. As is true for all River teachers, they are dedicated to understanding who each child is and what exactly is needed to get to the next step of learning and growth. This is done through individualized attention, dynamic instruction, and ultimately, deeply caring hearts for each child.

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