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—Key Features of 3rd Grade:

  • —Science fair
  • —Spring play that they write, direct, produce and perform
  • —School ambassadors at special events
  • —Community buddy leaders
  • —Host STEAM events for preschoolers
  • —Learn recorder and perform at a recital
  • —Overnight camping trip in the spring
  • —Focus on study skills
  • —School Interview and transition preparation
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The Falcon Year: 3rd Graders Preparing to Soar

Our 3rd graders, known as the Falcons, thrive as leaders of The River School. Their Elementary Program experience culminates in an exciting year featuring greater independence and challenging activities.

Falcons apply what they have learned in previous years and dive deeper into themes, projects, research, experiments, critical thinking and collaboration. They partner with their teachers to explore subjects of interest to them. They author and present reports, participate in River's science fair, and continue to hone the academic, study and social skills that will help them succeed at their next school.

In the spring, they work with the drama teacher to produce a play that includes all the elementary classes. They develop the concept, script and choreography. They select music, build the set, help direct, and ultimately perform in this production before the entire school community.

Throughout the year, the Falcons are prepared for the outplacement process and transition to their next school. Administrators and teachers work closely with parents during this process (starting in Grade 2) to find the "right fit" school for each child.

One favorite Falcon tradition is an overnight camping trip with some of the teachers. They enjoy outdoor activities, team-building exercises and the adventure of sleeping in cabins.

The River School holds a special graduation ceremony and family luncheon to celebrate the Falcon's achievements and to wish them luck as they embark on the next chapter of their school careers.

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