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At The River School, an 18 month - Grade 5 private school in Washington, DC, our teachers are more than just educators – they're experts in child development. Our co-teaching model pairs a master's level teacher with a speech-language pathologist in each classroom. This unique combination allows us to provide personalized instruction and deep support for all students, fostering strong language, literacy, and social skills. Our teachers are passionate about igniting curiosity, encouraging critical thinking, and empowering each child to find their voice.


Adams, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Adams, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Anderson, Capi

Capi Anderson, MEd

Maker Space/Science Studio Teacher & Coordinator of After School Enrichment & Summer Programs

Balkin, Marcia

Marcia Balkin, MEd


Benoit, Phedra

Phedra Benoit, MEd


Bergesen, Ashley

Ashley Bergesen, MA

Speech-Language Pathologist

Berman, Rachel

Rachel Berman, MA

Speech-Language Pathologist

Boas, Samantha

Samantha Boas, MA

Speech-Language Pathologist

Bonilla, Juliana

Juliana Bonilla, MS

Occupational Therapist

Brebbia, Katie | Faculty Staff

Katie Brebbia, MA


Cebulski, Becca

Becca Cebulski, MS

Speech-Language Pathologist

Christiane Connors

Connors, Christiane

Christiane Connors, Ed.D.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Coughlan, Catherine

Catherine Coughlan, MA

Speech-Language Pathologist

Farrelly, Liz

Liz Farrelly, MSEd

Speech-Language Pathologist

Fashola, Tosin | Faculty Staff

Tosin Fashola, MEd


Goffen, Robin

Robin Goffen, M.A.T CCC-SLP

Director of Speech and Language Services

Grogan, Brytnee

Brytnee Grogan, MEd


Grunza, Sasha | Faculty Staff

Sasha Grunza, MS

Speech-Language Pathologist

Heskey, Caryn

Caryn Heskey, MS

Research Assistant and Speech-Language Pathologist

Houston, Rebecca | Faculty Staff

Rebecca Houston, MA


Hughes, Sarah

Sarah Hughes, MA

Speech Language Pathologist

Gillian Lynch

Lynch, Gillian | Faculty Staff

Gillian Lynch, MA

Speech-Language Pathologist

McFetridge, Natalie

Natalie McFetridge, MA


McGuire, Julia | Faculty Staff

Julia McGuire, MEd, MS

Educator and Speech-Language Pathologist

Mellon, Nancy | Faculty Staff

Nancy Mellon, MS

Head of School

Nakatani, Laura

Laura Nakatani, MA


Ottley, Sharlene

Sharlene Ottley, PhD

Director of Community Outreach & Research

Ouellette, Meredith

Meredith Ouellette, MS

Clinical Director

Parr, Emmie

Emmie Parr, MEd

Director of Preschool Programs

Robison, Emily

Emily Robison, CCC-SLP 

Speech-Language Pathologist

Brooke Sender

Sender, Brooke

Brooke Sender, MS


Sigler, Travis

Travis Sigler, MEd


Skliras, Star

Star Skliras, MA 

Speech-Language Pathologist

Streletz, Tia

Tia Streletz, MS

Speech-Language Pathologist

Vershbow, Kelley

Kelley Vershbow, MSEd


Warischalk, Becky

Becky Warischalk, MEd


White, Dot

Dot White, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Wright, Marie

Marie Wright, MSEd

Assistant Head of School

Arts & Sciences Faculty

Capelluto, Blas

Blas Capelluto

Arts Integration Educator

Charpentier, Poppy

Poppy Charpentier

Visual Arts & Creative Movement Instructor

Cooper, Imogen

Imogen Cooper

Preschool Physical Education & Teaching Assistant

Harris, Stephen

Stephen Harris

Science/STEM & Maker Space Instructor

Harris, Vince

Vince Harris

Physical Education

Rose, Leigh

Leigh Rose


Sheldon, Lindsay

Lindsay Sheldon

Upper Elementary Art


Anselmi, Jessica

Jessica Anselmi

Assistant Business Manager

Aquino, Manuel

Manuel Aquino

Facilities Supervisor

Armstrong, Tracy R.

Tracy R. Armstrong, SHRM-CP, PHR

Director of Human Resources

Best Private School in Washington DC | Megan Campbell - Director of Admission and Enrollment Management

Campbell, Megan

Megan Campbell, MA

Director of Admission and Enrollment Management

Castro, Arnaldo

Arnaldo Castro


Claure, Maria

Maria Claure

Ladybug Teacher

David, Nichole

Nichole David, MEd

Director of Educational Operations

de Becerra, Nilsa Claure

Nilsa Claure de Becerra

Ladybug Teacher

Independent School Washington DC | Private School Washington DC | Lenka Folger - Admission Associate

Folger, Lenka

Lenka Folger

Admission Associate

Gasperetti, Helen

Helen Gasperetti, MA

Teaching Assistant

Guerra, Carlos

Carlos Guerra

School Security Officer

Jones, Bob

Bob Jones

Front Office Manager

Knight, Larry

Larry Knight

Teaching Assistant

Leaverton, Emmy

Emmy Leaverton

Human Resources Assistant

Lopez, Chris

Chris Lopez

Chief Financial Officer

Lynch, Jennifer

Jennifer Lynch

Director of Institutional Advancement

McDermott-Mostowy, Logan

Logan McDermott-Mostowy

Teaching Assistant

McDermott, Elizabeth, BSN, RN, NCSN

Elizabeth McDermott, BSN, RN, NCSN

School Nurse

Mellon, Rachel

Rachel Mellon

Administrative & Research Assistant

Mellon, Will

Will Mellon

IT Assistant

Pinheiro Sottile, Nicoly

Nicoly Pinheiro Sottile

Ladybug Teacher

Ramos, Jose

Jose Ramos

Assistant Facilities Manager

Manuel “Nick” Rodriguez

Rodriguez, Nick

Nick Rodriguez

Crossing Guard

Royer Shetter, Erin

Erin Royer Shetter, MS

Director of Campaign Operations

Sproule, Tammy

Tammy Sproule

Director of Marketing & Communications

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