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Adams, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Adams, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Ajaeb, Katie

Katie Ajaeb, MS

Speech-Language Pathologist.

Anderson, Capi

Capi Anderson, MEd

Coordinator of After School Enrichment & Summer Program

Balkin, Marcia

Marcia Balkin, MEd



Baron, Taylor

Taylor Baron, MA

Speech-Language Pathologist

Brebbia, Katie | Faculty Staff

Katie Brebbia, MA


Carlson, Kristen | Faculty Staff

Kristen Carlson, MS

Speech-Language Pathologist

Connors, Christiane

Christiane Connors, Ed.D.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Tosin Fashola

Fashola, Tosin | Faculty Staff

Tosin Fashola, MEd



Greene, Chelsea

Chelsea Greene, MA


Grunza, Sasha | Faculty Staff

Sasha Grunza, MS

Speech-Language Pathologist

Houston, Rebecca | Faculty Staff

Rebecca Houston, MA


Hughes, Sarah, MA

Sarah Hughes

Speech Language Pathologist

Hutchinson, Nicole

Nicole Hutchinson, MA, CED


Jayaram, Sanjana

Sanjana Jayaram, MA

Speech-Language Pathologist

Jue, Kaitlyn | Faculty Staff

Kaitlyn Jue, MA


Leserman, Judy | Faculty Staff

Judy Leserman, MA

Speech-Language Pathologist

Gillian Lynch

Lynch, Gillian | Faculty Staff

Gillian Lynch, MA

Speech-Language Pathologist

McFetridge, Natalie

Natalie McFetridge, MA


McGuire, Julia | Faculty Staff

Julia McGuire, MEd, MS

Educator and Speech-Language Pathologist

Mellon, Nancy | Faculty Staff

Nancy Mellon, MS

Head of School

Ottley, Sharlene

Sharlene Ottley, PhD

Director of Early Childhood Research and Practice

Ouellette, Meredith

Meredith Ouellette, MS

Assistant Head of School

Powell, Tristan

Tristan Powell, MS

Speech-Language Pathologist

Rademacher, Elisa

Elisa Rademacher, MA

Speech-Language Pathologist

Rasmussen, Hallie

Hallie Rasmussen, MS


Richard, Jourdan

Jourdan Richard, MS

Speech-Language Pathologist

Robinson, Emmie

Emmie Robinson, MEd

Educator and Director of Learning Supports & Services

Brooke Sender

Sender, Brooke

Brooke Sender, MS


Sigler, Travis

Travis Sigler, MEd


Streletz, Tia

Tia Streletz, MS

Speech-Language Pathologist

Thomas, Ana

Ana Thomas, MS


Vershbow, Kelley

Kelley Vershbow, MSEd


Becky Warischalk

Warischalk, Becky

Becky Warischalk, MEd


White, Dot

Dot White, PhD

Psychology Associate

Wright, Marie

Marie Wright, MSEd

Director of Educational Programs

Arts & Sciences Faculty

Benoit, Phedra

Phedra Benoit


Filler, Gracie

Gracie Filler

Librarian & Teaching Assistant

Harris, Vince

Vince Harris

Physical Education

Johnson, Ryan Carr

Ryan Carr Johnson, MFA


Keating, Bretton

Bretton Keating

Yoga / After School Spanish

Lex, James

James Lex



Anselmi, Jessica

Jessica Anselmi

Assistant Business Manager

Aquino, Manuel

Manuel Aquino

Facilities Supervisor

Armstrong, Tracy R.

Tracy R. Armstrong, SHRM-CP, PHR

Director of Human Resources

Baker, Cat

Cat Baker

Teaching Assistant

Bratt, Hanna

Hanna Bratt

Teaching Assistant

Megan Campbell

Campbell, Megan

Megan Campbell, MA

Director of Admission and Enrollment Management

Claure, Maria

Maria Claure

Ladybug Teacher

David, Nichole

Nichole David, MEd

Director of Educational Operations

de Becerra, Nilsa Claure

Nilsa Claure de Becerra

Ladybug Teacher

Guerra, Les

Les Guerra

Crossing Guard

Jones, Bob

Bob Jones

Front Office Manager

Lopez, Chris

Chris Lopez

Business Manager

Lynch, Jennifer

Jennifer Lynch

Director of Institutional Advancement

McDermott, Elizabeth, RN, NCSN

Elizabeth McDermott


Mellon, Rachel

Rachel Mellon

Research Assistant

Ramos, Jose

Jose Ramos

Assistant Facilities Manager

Manuel “Nick” Rodriguez

Rodriguez, Nick

Nick Rodriguez

Crossing Guard

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