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Harry R. Weller Future Fund

Building River's Future Together

In November 2016, River parent and Board Trustee Rachel Moore Weller established the Harry R. Weller River School Future Fund. Harry held the mission and vision of The River School close to his heart and believed it would revolutionize deaf education and shift the paradigm on how we teach language and literacy to all children. Gifts to the Future Fund have exceeded $2 million and have enabled River to pursue a new campus.

The River School vision for a new campus is one that will reflect the creativity and excellence of our multifaceted programs and showcase our exceptional faculty. Our vision is to have an expanded program to educate more children, disseminate our model of inclusive education, increase and improve our facilities and advocate for all children at a national level.

Harry Weller was the spouse of the Chair of our Board of Trustees, Rachel Moore Weller and parent to River alumni Luke ('16) and Cash ('18).

Harry was passionate about his family and the education of his sons. He was a strong advocate and adviser to Head of School Nancy Mellon. Harry invested in The River School's future as one of its most generous and active supporters.

We are grateful for all that Harry did for The River School and will work with Rachel to ensure that his legacy endures.
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