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Mind and Body

We take a holistic approach to children's physical development. We offer traditional physical education, take the children to fields at Field School so they can learn sports in an outdoor setting and we integrate movement and playground into each day. In addition, we teach creative movement and mindfulness as part of a special, as well in the classroom. Our students learn to feel their breathing, pay attention to how they are feeling, self-regulate, and be mindful of others.

Physical Education

The Physical Education Program is focused on developing basic movement skills, understanding fitness concepts and developing enjoyment of physical activity. The program’s aim is for each child to maximize their gross and fine motor development. The focus is on developing individual skills, understanding of various games, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.


Outdoor Field Time

Each week students in PreKindergarten through Grade 4 practice gross-motor skills, team building, and cooperative sports at large, outdoor playing fields near the school.


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The River School has three age appropriate playgrounds at which the children spend time each day where they can ride, climb, run, swing and play.


Upper playground


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