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Mouth Time and Sound Spot are unique, researched-based programs developed by The River School, proven to strengthen early reading skills.

Mouth Time and Sound Spot

Mouth Time

Mouth Time is a part of The River School Language Arts Program that is designed to provide the critical foundation for learning to read. Children from the age of 18 months to approximately 4-5 years participate in Mouth Time daily. During every Mouth Time session, the following areas are targeted: vocabulary and concepts, auditory processing and comprehension, oral motor (muscle strengthening), speech production, and phonological awareness skills.

Sound Spot  

Sound Spot is the leap to English letters that children make once they are in the Elementary program. They learn to make letter-sound correspondences, blend sounds, practice reading words, and identify word families. In order to become fluent readers, children must employ these strategies effortlessly. Sound Spot is used daily to ensure that each child develops a strong foundation in literacy.

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