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National Center for Hearing Innovation

National Center for Hearing Innovation (NCHI) is The River School's partner non-profit organization with a mission to change the lives of children and adults with hearing loss through improved awareness and timely access to innovations across technologies, interventions and education. Through local and national partnerships, NCHI seeks to promote collaboration, clinical research and services, professional training, outreach and advocacy.

Our aim is to make cochlear implants the standard of care for eligible children and adults with hearing loss in the United States, conduct outcomes research of those with cochlear implants and disseminate findings to establish efficacy for consumers, policymakers and insurers.

  • Education: Provide a model educational and training facility for programs across the country that seek to include children with hearing loss, while simultaneously establishing a broader base for generating research findings and increasing opportunities for professional training.
  • Teacher/Clinician Training Institute: Develop and share best educational and rehabilitation practices to optimize outcomes by providing teacher and clinical training in a leading-edge, inclusive intervention model.
  • Parent Education and Support Center: Provide parent support groups, interventions and information sessions that educate, train and guide parents and families to nurture language, social and cognitive development in their children with hearing loss.
  • Clinical and Therapeutic Center: Provide a full range of state-of-the-art clinical services to individuals that will serve patients beginning with diagnosis and across the lifespan.
  • Research Center: Disseminate research findings to improve awareness, support advocacy efforts, educate referring physicians and clinicians, and demonstrate efficacy to policymakers, insurers and consumers; and provide a hub for meta-analysis of data from CI centers across the country and disseminate results.
  • Advocacy: Educate and demonstrate efficacy to policymakers, insurers and consumers to expand access, coverage, services and programs.


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