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Board of Trustees

The River School's Board of Trustees, composed of a dynamic, talented group of professionals with a wide range of expertise, works collaboratively with the School's Administrative leadership team to provide strategic direction, advance River's mission and ensure financial well-being.

In 2020, the Board—with input from faculty and staff, parents and community members—developed a five-year strategic plan, outlining how River will innovate, enhance, evolve and sustain our program and one-of-a-kind model, with a steadfast commitment to our mission and overall vision.

Our Mission
The River School’s inclusive program challenges each child to work collaboratively, to think critically and to develop the confidence to take risks, embrace their curiosity, and find their voice.

Our Vision
The River School was founded in 1999 to provide a fully inclusive educational program for children with and without hearing loss. Over our first twenty years the School has grown to capacity and now fully occupies our building. The program and service offerings have expanded to include a full range of clinical services; parent education and support programs; teacher and graduate student training; auxiliary programs for children; and outreach and advocacy efforts. Moving forward, the School seeks to expand all aspects of our program by adding dedicated staff and space for each of the initiatives.

Casey Seidenberg President

Nancy K. Mellon
Vice President

Rachel Moore Weller
Vice President

Eric Gaier

Nowell Rush

Yonatan Alemu
Mary W. Carpenter
Andre Cheng, MD
Jonathan Epstein, MD
Terrance Green
Nancy Herman
Valdis Lenss
Britlan Malek, PsyD
Nicolle Rippeon
Mathis Wagner
Leigh Weil
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