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River ACCESS is a separate 501c3, not-for-profit organization that seeks to develop a national education model to meet the unique needs of young children with hearing loss, adapted to the circumstances of their respective communities. River ACCESS holds the rights to The River School’s intellectual property including its inclusive model, curriculum, staffing, services and teaching practices.

The specific objectives of the organization are to:

  • Manage and disseminate intellectual property derived from The River School’s model, including curriculum, practices and services;
  • Provide quality assurance and oversight of local programs;
  • Continue to develop best educational and clinical practices and conduct research that will improve educational outcomes;
  • Expand and provide professional development programs and training;
  • Advocate for early and intensive intervention for young children with hearing loss and inclusive education as an option;
  • Create intensive early intervention programs and services that maximize the potential benefit of hearing technologies for young children with hearing loss, and connect families with existing programs and services; and
  • Consult with and assist organizations that provide services for young children with hearing loss.
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