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Highlights of a Falcon year include, writing and performing in the Spring Production, a science fairs, book author events, and an overnight camping trip.

Third Grade

Third Grade is the culminating year, and a very special experience. Children are immersed in project-based learning activities that allow them to explore their inquiries and develop thoughtful hypotheses. They complete in-depth research projects, participate and present at school-wide events, lead their peers as role models through a buddy system, and learn the importance of thoughtful academic and social risk taking. They work collaboratively and think critically, as they problem solve, delve deep into rich and complex studies, and ultimately develop their sense of self. They end the year with a clear understanding of their role in the world, as leaders, global citizens, but most importantly, change agents. Students graduate the program with a clear voice and self-awareness, with the ability to think critically and be reflective, and with an appreciation for the importance of leading a life of learning and wonder.

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