First Steps Become Giant Leaps.

We’re 18 months to 3rd grade because we know those
first steps are foundational. Learn More>>


Wittman_Amanda_110028 Amanda Wittman, MA

Speech-Language Pathologist

gates_arielle_12a1963 Arielle Gates, MA

Speech-Language Pathologist

image Caryn Heskey, MS

Speech-Language Pathologist

daily_claire_27a0777 Claire Daily, MA


Adams_Elizabeth_24C0413 Elizabeth Adams Costa, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Armstrong_Evan_110169 Evan Armstrong, MSP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Wilson_Jeanne_110473 Jeanne Wilson, MS

Speech-Language Pathologist

Maina_Kate_110107 Kate Maina, MHS

Speech-Language Pathologist

ganz_kimberly_12a1390 Kim Ganz, MA

Speech-Language Pathologist

O'Shea_Kim_110095 Kim O’Shea, MA


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2016:11:03 --- Saved as: 24-Bit JPEG (EXIF) Format 98 % --- batch crop --- crop Lauren Walence, MEd

Speech-Language Pathologist

Hay_Leigh_110437 Leigh Hay, MEd


Wright_Marie_110195 Marie Wright, MSEd

Director of Elementary Programs

grant-melissa-ot Melissa Grant, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist


Speech-Language Pathologist

Ouellette_Meredith_110016 Meredith Ouellette, MS

Associate Head of School

Mellon_Nancy_110516 Nancy Mellon, MS

Head of School

Schwartz_Nancy_110179 Nancy Schwartz, MA

Director of Preschool Programs

Potter_Natalie_110113 Natalie Potter, MA

Speech-Language Pathologist

Howell_Rachael_110380 Rachael Howell, MS

Speech-Language Pathologist

Wasilus_Samantha_110053 Sam Wasilus, MA

Speech-Language Pathologist

Weynand_Shannon_110073 Shannon Weynand, MS

Speech-Language Pathologist

IMG_7285 (1) Sharlene Ottley, PhD

Director of Early Childhood Research and Practice

Streletz_Tia_180170 Tia Streletz, MS

Speech-Language Pathologist

Poynter_Vanessa_110269 Vanessa Poynter, MA

Speech-Language Pathologist

Arts & Sciences Faculty

Russell_Amy_110487 Amy Russell, MA

Drama and After School Enrichment Program

Harris_Vince_110255 Vince Harris

Physical Education


Jones_Bob_110375 Bob Jones

Front Office Manager

Lopez_Christine_110146 Christine Lopez

Assistant Business Manager

Caverly_Colleen_24C0427 Colleen Caverly, MA

Psychology Postdoctoral Intern

Magnus_Courtney_110501 Courtney Magnus

Director of Admission

Hay_Donald_110467 Donald Hay

Security Consultant

Stringer_Frances_180116 Frances Stringer

Substitute Educator

Lynch_Jen_270038 Jennifer Lynch

Director of Advancement

Ramos_Jose_110358 Jose Ramos

Assistant Facilities Manager

Kvandal_Karie_270006 Karie Kvandal

Special Events Coordinator

Aquino_Manuel_180144 Manuel Aquino

Facilities Supervisor

Claure_Maria_180188 Maria Claure

Ladybug Teacher

Becerra_Nilsa_110405 Nilsa Claure de Becerra

Ladybug Teacher

Mellon_Rachel_110451 Rachel Mellon

Registrar Associate

Martinez_Rosalie_180007 Rosalie Martinez

Ladybug Teacher

Cobb_Scott_110238 Scott Cobb

Chief Financial Officer

Armstrong_Tracy_110412 Tracy R. Armstrong, SHRM-CP, PHR

Director of Human Resources

Sigler_Travis_110430 Travis Sigler

Substitute Educator