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Welcome to The River School

An Internationally Acclaimed Model for Teaching and Learning

The River School’s inclusive program challenges each child to work collaboratively, to think critically, and to develop the confidence to take risks, embrace their curiosity, and find their voice.

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Life at The River School

Co-Teaching & Personalized Education

Our co-teaching model pairs a master’s level educator with a speech-language pathologist in each classroom, a unique and effective combination for cementing strong language, literacy and social skills.

Active Learning

Children engage in active learning; they work collaboratively in groups, solve problems, make mistakes and learn from them, and develop the confidence to take risks, share ideas and speak up.

A Community of Learners

Relationships between children and faculty are strengthened by collaboration among faculty, administrators and families.

Progressive Education

By expanding children’s opportunities for social, physical and creative development we enhance their personal and academic success.

The River School Blog

Dr. Christiane Connors, Director of Curriculum and Instruction (L) and Dr. Sharlene Wilson Ottley, Director of Research and Outreach (R)

Living The River School Pillars: What School Could Be Podcast featuring Dr. Connors and Dr. Ottley

Last month, the nationally and internationally acclaimed podcast, What School Could Be (WSCB), an arm of the education platform, What School Could Be, “visited” The River School to interview Dr. Sharlene Wilson Ottley and Dr. Christiane Connors.  

The River School News

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