Where Small Steps Become Giant Leaps.

We’re 18 months to 3rd grade because we know those
first steps are foundational. Learn More>>

About The River School

Welcome to The River School where we know that first steps matter. We cherish being a part of a child’s early years and helping each child develop a love of learning. Our students love coming to The River School, just listen to the learning.

Dedicated to children from 18 months through third grade, we bring energy and innovation to teaching core academics such as reading and math, and foster children’s growth in social cognition, independence, communication, creativity, and problem solving in a nurturing, developmentally appropriate environment. Our philosophy is founded in The River School’s Pillars, ten elements that define our remarkable school.

Our unique co-teaching model pairs a master’s level educator with a master’s level speech pathologist in each classroom, and has a curriculum that is designed to enliven learning across the domains and that builds each year as a student moves through the program, culminating in the 3rd grade. Children thrive in an environment of experiential and collaborative learning through a thematic curriculum, which empowers the children as they learn. The children engage in drama, music, art, physical education, yoga, and science lead by our specials teachers. Inspired by our energetic and creative faculty, our students are encouraged every day to ask questions, explore and discover.

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